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Recaro SPG Imola A8 – Confetti Black


Brand       SPG Imola A8
Manufacturer       Recaro Japan
Color       Confetti Black
Material       Alcantara
Condition       Used{No scratch}
Certification       FIA Approval (5 years)

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16 reviews
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16 reviews for Recaro SPG Imola A8 Seats

  1. Terrence D'eshawn
    Verified Customer
    Fast and Reliable Customer Service and Easy offered payment Method
  2. Vincent Kenneth
    Verified Customer
    Processing time takes up to 12h which was fast enough for me and all that matter is that i finnally got my seats . good customer service and 4 start for extra fee
  3. Vincent Kenneth
    Verified Customer
    Rooney Wheels are most Certified Recaro & Bride Seats Dealer in United States with all Seats varieties and Apparel
  4. Jordan Ernerick
    Verified Customer
    I perfectly received my recaro seats in same condition Brian Showed me no Stains nor scratch and was perfectly Clean and Brush eventhough it took 5 days to reached me but it was worth my wait.
  5. Diaz
    Verified Customer
    Perfect Seat for my Lexus . moderate prices to begin with really enjoy shopping with guys
  6. Paul Chilini
    Verified Customer
    Authentic Recaro Dealer Rooney Wheels Ltd. You have my Respect Boss Finally Got my Recaro Verfo Yesterday thanks to you guys and Brian at the Customer service department for Answering all my questions
  7. Nath Santos
    Verified Customer
    I could say this is one of the only shops to find Original Used Recaro or Bride Seats .
  8. Christian Snell Snr.
    Verified Customer
    Rooney I could say you are once of the Biggest Recaro and Bride Dealer In the USA . i remember since 2013 we started buying Car Seats from you when you had that Mini auto Shop around Heaven Ave Los aNGELES
  9. Christian Bassy
    Verified Customer
    This Imola is prefereable over SR7 i like how confortable they make my lexus interior look
  10. Jerry White
    Verified Customer
    Been thinking about swapping my sr4 i got from you u guys last year to imola A8
  11. Anthony
    Verified Customer
    The product is firmly packed.
  12. Charles
    Verified Customer
    Very fast delivery.
  13. Kayden
    Verified Customer
    Good quality.
  14. Liam
    Verified Customer
    The product is firmly packed.
  15. Daniel
    Verified Customer
    Good quality.
  16. Vincent Martin
    Verified Customer
    Brian was polite and patient enough with my thousand questions
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Recaro SPG Imola A8 Confetti Seats

This Recaro SPG Imola A8 seats is a 2010 special edition Model manufactured by Recaro Japan . These Recaro imola A8 seats consist of Middle A8 alcantara Fabric Material and Covers with Genuine Tubular material from Vivid Racing

This Particular Model of Recaro IMOLA A8 comes exclusively with silver Bullet Proof Back as seen on the pictures above. To compare both Collections of Recaro SPG on Comfort, Both Seats should match the same accessibility and Comfortability when Racing or Gaming on each Recaro seats.

This seat is made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. Finished to the highest level of detail. It comes with harness guides for 4,5 or 6 point harnesses and features large shoulder belt openings to accomodate occupants of varying torso heights.


  • Anatomical seat contour
  • Special lateral support in the backrest area
  • Special lateral support in the seat cushion area
  • Specially formed shoulder support
  • Dynamic ride performance
  • FIA approval for 5 years
  • Highly flame-retardant upholstery (FMVSS 302)
  • Seat shell glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP)
  • Paddable lumbar support  | Fixed sidemount

NOTE: Rails and seat brackets are  included.

5/5 (1 Review)

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