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Recaro RSG Blue Limited


Brand Recaro RSG ASM
Manufacturer Recaro Japan
Model Year  2020
Bottom Rails Available
Color Blue/black
Material Carbon
Shell Material Kabui
Item Weight 7.7kg
Condition Used{No scratch}
Certification FIA Approved
Stitching Ivory Stitching
Tax  All import taxes (TVA / IVA / VAT) are included in our pricing. No other taxes will be charged to you during delivery!(we only charge tax for international shipping)
Shipping & Return
  • Processing Time 12-24h
  • Shipping within the 50 states of USA  1-3 days
  • Shipping To UK, Australia ,Canada & Europe 3-7 days
  • Shipping To Malaysia, Japan, China & Asia 5-9 days

Try not to ruin the package before reshipping back to us.

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11 reviews
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11 reviews for Recaro RS-G Blue Limited Seats

  1. Jordan Ernerick
    Verified Customer
    I perfectly received my recaro seats in same condition Brian Showed me no Stains nor scratch and was perfectly Clean and Brush eventhough it took 5 days to reached me but it was worth my wait.
  2. Diaz
    Verified Customer
    Perfect Seat for my Lexus . moderate prices to begin with really enjoy shopping with guys
  3. Paul Chilini
    Verified Customer
    Authentic Recaro Dealer Rooney Wheels Ltd. You have my Respect Boss Finally Got my Recaro Verfo Yesterday thanks to you guys and Brian at the Customer service department for Answering all my questions
  4. Nath Santos
    Verified Customer
    I could say this is one of the only shops to find Original Used Recaro or Bride Seats .
  5. Christian Snell Snr.
    Verified Customer
    Rooney I could say you are once of the Biggest Recaro and Bride Dealer In the USA . i remember since 2013 we started buying Car Seats from you when you had that Mini auto Shop around Heaven Ave Los aNGELES
  6. Derick Irvin
    Verified Customer
    i could say the price for this Recaro RS-G seat is one of rarest seat ever made . i think just 80 pair where ever made at $8k each pair but prices at Rooney's for $5k ain't bad for used Pair
  7. Patrick
    Verified Customer
    Good service.
  8. Nolan
    Verified Customer
    Good service.
  9. Liam
    Verified Customer
    Very well worth the money.
  10. Dylan
    Verified Customer
    Good service.
  11. Nathaniel
    Verified Customer
    Very fast delivery.
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Recaro RS-G  Blue Limited

This Recaro RSG Blue Limited  was originally created for the Japanese market. It’s an ideal full bucket seat for both street and circuit that was acquired from evasive sports in 2020 . A design full bucket seat securing a low hip point, a large field of vision & active steering .The Recaro RSG series is a full bucket seat which has been developed and designed for the world of motor sports and slim body size exclusively with silver bullet proof back with the SP-JC from same generation Recaro, Read more about Bullet proof recaro rsg bullet seats on Bullet Automotive .

The form of the full bucket seat leads to an ideal and natural driving position in which the driver can slightly straighten up and have a wide view but still can keep a low hip point. Furthermore, the recaro  RSG makes active steering possible required in a rally, gymkhana or drifting whereas it is even suitable for every day use

1. Compact seat form
The shoulder part is 50mm narrower compared to the SPA, a model for exclusive racing use. Furthermore, the seat cushion width is reduced by 10mm and 12mm from our shop
2. Improved seat cushion for getting in and out easier by designing the side support part of the seat cushion in a slow curve.
3. Abundant seat cover versions and different materials matching with the interior. The Recaro RSG is available with Kamui in combination with superior mesh material, as well as in pure Kamui which is most suitable for motor sport driving concerning breathability.

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