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Price in Pair(2)

Brand Nismo Sportster
Color  Mixed Red & Black
Condition Used
  • Email Us( Sales@rooneywheel.com For any questions Regarding Fitment on your Cars.
  • ORIGINAL Seats Bracket & bottom rails Available.

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16 reviews
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16 reviews for Recaro Sportster Seats Nismo Edition

  1. Terrence D'eshawn
    Verified Customer
    Fast and Reliable Customer Service and Easy offered payment Method
  2. Vincent Kenneth
    Verified Customer
    Processing time takes up to 12h which was fast enough for me and all that matter is that i finnally got my seats . good customer service and 4 start for extra fee
  3. Vincent Kenneth
    Verified Customer
    Rooney Wheels are most Certified Recaro & Bride Seats Dealer in United States with all Seats varieties and Apparel
  4. James
    Verified Customer
    Nathaniel was really helpful with Support
  5. Harry Martin
    Verified Customer
    This is the perfect seat for 350z-370z Nissans unfortunate for me i have to wait till next week if only they will still be available by then
  6. Bjorn Jenkins
    Verified Customer
    i think this Nismo Sportster should fit my Nissan Juke
  7. Jordan Ernerick
    Verified Customer
    I perfectly received my recaro seats in same condition Brian Showed me no Stains nor scratch and was perfectly Clean and Brush eventhough it took 5 days to reached me but it was worth my wait.
  8. Diaz
    Verified Customer
    Perfect Seat for my Lexus . moderate prices to begin with really enjoy shopping with guys
  9. Kai
    Verified Customer
    Good quality.
  10. Samuel
    Verified Customer
    Very fast delivery.
  11. Avery
    Verified Customer
    Very fast delivery.
  12. Ryker
    Verified Customer
    Very fast delivery.
  13. Ryan
    Verified Customer
    Very well worth the money.
  14. RW
    No doubt Sir . Our words to our customers is a commitment we most fulfilled
  15. RW
    Thanks so much for reviews brother
  16. RW
    Yes sir there’s a newer Nismo available in stock can you write us through our email or give us call!
  17. Allen Pace
    I have been looking for this Nismo Seat for actually 8 weeks on the Nets and recently came across Rooney wheel . I had doubt for a minute when I saw their payment methods but at the end I had to risk it and use Zelle cus I actually really needed the Nismo Seat for Nissan . And Boom after waiting for 5 days Finally got it at my door step this Morning, I wish I could send a picture of me endlessly smiling ? . Thanks you so much brother for coming through with the delivery ?.
  18. Maria latona
    Hello Rooney! I’m a Friend of Mike the guy from Dallas who bought the A pair of this Nismo seat last week from you. Just wanted to know if you have another Nismo newer than the one you sent Mike , I will be willing to be pay $3500 for it if it’s Available in stock
  19. Jason Fintch
    Hey brother just wanted to thank you again for the Nismo Sportster it actually fit well on my Nissan Juke 350z without any lacking same with them bottom rails. Really appreciate you keeping ur words thanks a million times brother
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Recaro Nismo Sportster

The Recaro Sportster Nismo Seats are the perfect combination of comfortable sports seat and pure racing shell. The innovative lightweight shell boasts an exclusive slim design, plus outstanding lateral and shoulder support. Many car manufacturers like Z1 offer the Nismo seats a standard equipment in their high-performance models, such as the Nissan 350z & 370Z NISMO models and other related Model Jukes from our Collections of Recaro seats.

Recaro Nismo Specs & Features

  • Long & Deep Cushion
  • Shoulder & Lumbar Support
  • Step-less recliner (dial type for both side)
  • Belt holes for safety harness
  • High Grip Side Support
  • Airbag available
  • Waist Size: 30-42
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Recaro Seats

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