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Brand Zeta 2
Color Red
Material Kevlar Carbon

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Bride Zeta 2 Seats

The new shell shape of the BRIDE ZETA 2 and the vertical slits in the back cushion improve the fit from the headrest to the back, shoulders, and can keep the appropriate driving position for a long time without difficulty.
The shape design with the thigh lifted prevents the submarine phenomenon (a phenomenon in which the occupant sinks in the forward downward direction) during hard braking or collision with same Depth the
Black Zeta 2 Seats available in used condition.
Standard shape of BRIDE Zeta seats derived from ergonomics and human skeleton. Based on the knowledge cultivated in the series by Bride the newly-developed ZETA IV can be installed in many vehicle types and can be used almighty regardless of the competition category base on our Shop

Bride Zeta Features

  • Lightweight and strong, great for daily driving bucket seat
  • High quality seat made with premium cloth and black fiberglass material for backing
  • Recommended max waist size for a snug fit is 32-34″ inches.
  • Increased body holding with ergonomic feel.
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