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rice in Set(4)

PCD: 5×11.4.3
OFFSET:    +12
WIDTH:     8.5

Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA.

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32 reviews
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32 reviews for Work VSKF Wheels (“18×8.5 ET +22)

  1. Jamie Kevon
    Verified Customer
    They emailed and sms me just to confirm my order was correct and sure enough the Disk Type I ordered was the wrong one but they corrected it after i told Mathew the Car i want to use the VSKF set on and sent me the right one which Perfectly fit on my 1995 Nissan 240SX
  2. Jamie Kevon
    Verified Customer
    They emailed and sms me just to confirm my order was correct and sure enough the Disk Type I ordered was the wrong one but they corrected it after i told Mathew the Car i want to use the VSKF set on and sent me the right one which Perfectly fit on my 1995 Nissan 240SX
  3. Felix Miguel
    Verified Customer
    I got Qualified to Finance this vskf Wheels after 3 Failed Attempts because i didn't have the complete amount to put as Down Payment ,i was Contacted by Jacob with Support with a flexible Financing Option that Suits Me which we concluded at 23% Down Payment to get the wheels with 20 Month Payment Duration at 0% APR
  4. Jimmy Gonzalez
    Verified Customer
    Desde la compra hasta el envío, me mantuvieron informado y las ruedas llegaron intactas y bien empaquetadas. Realmente buena experiencia con ellos y las ruedas se adaptan perfectamente a mi IS300.
  5. J & H Law Firm | Miami FL
    Verified Customer
    When I first found this website I thought it was a scam because of how insane the prices were on everything. Turns out it’s one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with. They emailed me and responded to every dumb question I had. Shipping was amazing fast and the people who work there are very kind and helpful Especially Kayla, Thanks for the amazing customer service!
  6. Campell Doughlas
    Verified Customer
    Absolutely incredible. I was able to find these wheels for a fairly unique car ( S14 Silvia) that’s almost impossible to find aftermarket wheels here in Ontario Rooney Wheels shipped to Canada in under a week
  7. Lovedone Auto & Tires
    Verified Customer
    Great customer service, very eager to reply to all sorts of questions and request Especially On the Payment Plan Financing Option they offer which after 2 attempts i was finally Qualified to Finance these Work VSKF set for my JZX100 . Never had any problem with an order. Definitely recommend and will use again. Cheers!
  8. Michael Edward
    Verified Customer
    Wheels was exactly how it was described on the video sent to me . I was amazed how fast it was shipped to my front door. Especially From my First Experience Shopping Here. I have already recommended Rooney Wheels to my friends and I would recommend it to anyone else looking Exortic Wheels
  9. Naveen Scott
    Verified Customer
    This website has a great range of products at reasonable prices than other website..I have used Rooney Before and number of other times and never had an issue , perfect Service
  10. Daniel Marci
    Verified Customer
    This was a little bit of a gamble, first time order from a company I have only read about on the web, but it turned out a fantastic experience. I found the specification I was looking for a VSKF Which i sent a photo on my car to confirm with support which 100% Match . Delivery was a little more than I would have hoped, but you are dealing with international shipping. The delivery arrived in the UK well within time but for some reason it did not get delivered any further, an online chat with Fedex and a couple of more days it was delivered, well packed.
  11. Jeremy Kuth
    Verified Customer
    I purchased a Set of vskf Faces and it arrived with a scratch on one of them this might have been mishandled by the courier. I sent the photos of the damaged item as proof that the product came with damages on the Faces When I reached out to the customer service,I was advised that they will replace the damaged item immediately. I was surprised that it didn’t take long to explain the situation and I am very thankful for the quick resolution. This is the type of service that should be replicated by other online shops! Service is really top notch! Keep up the good work guys!
  12. Daniel Wickershelm
    Verified Customer
    It was easy to order on the website. The price was so much lower that I almost didn’t order but they had great reviews so I took a chance. I was clearly informed the product would take 10-14 days to receive, in Perth, Australia and it came through without any disturbance from custom or Couriers , communication from start to finish was absolute Amazing , Ordering to shipping and delivery. I’m very happy i ordered from Rooney and will order from them again when i complete my Nissan Skyline
  13. Brian Rogriquez
    Verified Customer
    These Wheels was exactly how Mathew with Support described from the photos he send before ordering the product order product, I was amazed how fast it was shipped to my front door. Especially from an item produced out of country. I have already recommended Rooney Wheels to my friends and I would recommend it to anyone else that is looking for some good 3-piece wheel at average prices
  14. Lionel Micha
    Verified Customer
    . Shipping was surprisingly fast, only took 8 days from payment to the day it got to my door. Would definitely order again. The estimated times are helpful and Only spent half the price on the extra Center Caps accessories i got with VSKF Set
  15. David Chang
    Verified Customer
    Shipping was very quick and items arrived undamaged as they were very well wrapped , Parcel and Parked. thanks Kayla and Jacob from Management and sale Deprtment for helping me with all the questions i needed to finance these Set on a Monthly Payment Plan
  16. Brandon Coutti
    Verified Customer
    I got Qualified to Finance this Work vskf Wheels with the help of Mathew and Kayla with Support Since Affirm and AfterPay declined my Financing Due to Bad Credit Score i was contact by Support and got the 2 payment plan options they offer , i ended up choosing the Monthly Option with just 22% Down Payment to get the wheels on the first payment with on a 20 Month Payment Duration and 2% APR , Good Deal for me compare to Affirm 36% APR Appreciate the Help Again Guys.For making this possible
  17. Jim Rogan
    Verified Customer
    I was having some issues checking out this Set because paypal was having some Internal error on my end , But my worries were put to rest when Nathaniel with Support Email me about alternative payment options which i ended up going with Apple Pay and Got a 2.1% CashBack for the purchase which was better than what my local bank offer for a purchase and was Completely Satisfied with my order and wheels came in well Packed
  18. Jonathan Angelo
    Verified Customer
    Fair pricing and shipping rates for this vskf wheel. which were Delivered several days quicker than I thought. They offer several Shipping option.i will Definitely order from them again Soon
  19. Manuel Alvarez
    Verified Customer
    Primera vez que hago un pedido a Rooney en México. Excelente comunicación de principio a fin, las ruedas llegaron a tiempo y sin problem.
  20. JKU MetalWork LLC
    Verified Customer
    Website was easy to use, and clear communication when I had a questions, reasonable price to compare to UK Prices and Wheels well packaged, delivered to my Manchester . address within 8 days. Could not be more satisfied
  21. Victor Nabe
    Verified Customer
    the VSKF Wheels delivered on time and as promised Got everything we wanted added on them . same condition as shown by Support Team and time frame promised. Verry Happy with the Service and ALL.
  22. Schudt Gino
    Verified Customer
    Great company to work with quick and easy communication with support, Wheels arrived on time and just like the description comes with extra accessories . Highly recommended
  23. Tyler M.
    Verified Customer
    Having tracking is great especially when shipping here to NZ along with receiving my order in an extremely timely manner considering how far the package had to travel From USA 10/10 will order from again.
  24. Ian Timothy
    Verified Customer
    They're easy to talk to, respond pretty quickly, and are pretty knowledgeable with the wheels. I got to Order-To-Built this VSKF set Custom in "20x10.5 Squared set up with R Disk for my Brembo bbk that weren't originally available on the site, and it arrived promptly to Perth., Australia within 3 weeks After Placing my Order . Absolutely Happy with the End Result i got as it exactly what i wanted for my SUV, I will be shopping again soon when i sell my old Meister Set.
  25. Luiz D'apelo
    Verified Customer
    DISPONIBILIDAD DE RUEDAS Disponibilidad, la empresa resuelve problemas sin estrés. gracias por cuidar mi pedido de una manera muy profesional incluso cuando hago el pedido desde Madrid, España
  26. Jim McDonald
    Verified Customer
    3rd VSKF Wheel purchase from Rooney Automotive I will be back again. Super fast shipping to Texas USA! I will recommend to others! You will not be dissapointed. Thank you so much to Jacob with Management and Mathew with Sales.
  27. Charles Smith
    Verified Customer
    Awesome Customer Service to assist with any questions or concerns. Fast, Friendly, professional communications to keep you updated on order status To Ireland and i just got this VSKF Set in 18x10.5 squared for my GTR's!!!! Thanks Guys
  28. Joe Ballen
    Verified Customer
    Perfect service and quick response to emails. If every company were like Roony Automotive, there would be no need for buyer protection in the world. 100 percent trust, I'm already looking forward to the next order.
  29. Arthur K
    Verified Customer
    Extremely Professional, helpful, and available for questions when needed. Got me through application, submission, and got Approved To finance this set on Monthly payment plan eventhough i had very bad credit score but they still gave the wheels on 0% APR lol i coudn't even believe until i got the wheels delivered yesterday with every i ask for on them thanks to the management team for helping me get these set which have been my dream wheels
  30. Mavs Drift LLC
    Verified Customer
    Each and every Wheel was well packed for a safe journey from Alabama to California the wheels were available and ready to shipped much quicker than the estimated time Jacob from support gave Rooney Automotive Prices are Much Cheaper than any other website out there for Work vskf wheels and other work wheel HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to All and I will be buying from them again & again
  31. Manuel Cardene's
    Verified Customer
    Los productos suelen llegar mucho antes de lo esperado a España y en perfectas condiciones. Ya hice compras de 3 repuestos y ruedas para mi Nissan S14A y todo fue perfecto y en tiempo. Gran stock para estas piezas raras. Mis amigos también piensan lo mismo que me presentan a Rooney.
  32. Alex H.
    Verified Customer
    i wanted a vskf wheel for my Mazda which i almost got the wrong one before i got contacted by Joel with support about the right information for the wheels
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Work VSKF Chrome Wheels

These Work VSKF comes in  chrome  finish with Silver Lips  and measured “18×8.5  ET +24 Squared at 5×114.3 PCD.  Work wheels have used the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon to unveil a new design to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the VS line of wheels. Work VSKF is a light weight cast model with a 5-spoke design and is available in “17 inch ,and  Other Disk Sizes like A Disk (Standard Wheels)   as well.

Manufactured by Work Wheels Japan and hand-assembled by factory’s skilled technicians. Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA.

Work vskf Features & Measurement

  • Front Size: “18×8.5  ET +12
  • Rear Size: “18×8.5  ET +12
  • PCD : 5×114.3
  •  Finish | Chrome
  • Disk : O- Disk ( Deep Rims)
  • Accessories : 6 center Caps , 4 Valves & 1 Wrench


  • Built-in
  • Relip( Width Change)
  • Rebarrel
  • Step Lip Conversion
  • Power Coating
  • High Polishing
  • Brusing

Contact Support on IMessage or Email at : Sales@rooneywheel.com for Pair or Single Purchases , Disk Type and More.

Additional information

Bolt Pattern

, , , ,


Work Wheels

About Work Wheels

Founded back in 1977 by Takeshi Tanaka, WORK Wheels began in Japan with a modest capital. Over the many years of successful business, WORK Wheels are now a household name and regarded as one of Japan's premier manufacturers of high quality, aftermarket performance wheels. Takeshi Tanaka's entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire and live on through the thousands of wheels produced by Work for the many fans he has influenced over the decades.


Built with pride and the attention you'd expect from highly skilled craftsmen, each 1, 2 and 3-piece wheel is manufactured and completed to the highest safety standards. Multiple testing during the manufacturing process ensures the wheels are true and meet the high standards expected from Work Wheels. Each WORK wheel is tailor made in Japan to your exact specification. So you get wheels to fit your car, that are your style, with your fitment. Why settle for mass produced fast food hamburger when you can order your favourite cut of steak, cooked exactly as you like.


WORK Wheels focus heavily on the technology used in rim forming and the rim barrel in a WORK wheel is what sets their alloys apart from the competition. The rim barrel is the part of the wheel that takes most of the load of the vehicle. WORK Wheels is one of the only companies in the world that has developed and used a ‘Solid Rim Flange’ which provides the strength.
Whilst most companies boast about being ‘forged’, that process only applies to the centre of the wheel. Having a forged centre disk with spun rim barrels doesn’t make much difference in the strength. The solid rim flange and a thicker barrel on WORK Wheels give them the strength advantage over other wheels on the market.

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