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FINISH: Graphite
DIAMETER:    “18
 OFFSET:   +32
WIDTH:   10.5

Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA

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20 reviews
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20 reviews for Volk Racing TE37 Wheels (“18×10.5 ET +32 – R Disk )

  1. Richard Edgar
    Verified Customer
    3rd purchase from Rooney I will be back again. Super fast shipping to Texas USA! I will recommend to others! You will not be dissapointed. Thank you so much!
  2. Mikel Adamoupolos
    Verified Customer
    So impressed Ordered these Brand New Te37 and was dubious as it was only 40% of the cost of a 2nd hand one from Japan. Postage was fantastic with numerous options. I went for normal postage and part arrived in Australia from USA inside 1 1/2 weeks. I have recommended Rooney Auto to my friends and Lexus club. Happy to shop here in the future.
  3. Mikel Adamoupolos
    Verified Customer
    So impressed Ordered these Brand New Te37 and was dubious as it was only 40% of the cost of a 2nd hand one from Japan. Postage was fantastic with numerous options. I went for normal postage and part arrived in Australia from USA inside 1 1/2 weeks. I have recommended Rooney Auto to my friends and Lexus club. Happy to shop here in the future.
  4. Anotoine Summer
    Verified Customer
    Sitio web fácil de usar. Realizar pedidos de ruedas y piezas fue sencillo y compatible con dispositivos móviles.
  5. Dario Manu
    Verified Customer
    Arrived on time, and in good condition for such a delicate item, this type of a/c condensers are hard to find, harder to find is a good price, I got both, very happy.
  6. Vince Chelinni
    Verified Customer
    I was Able to Finance this Volk te37 with the help of Mathew with Support as Affirm declined my Payment Plan Offer to finance the wheels but i was contacted by Support and offer the 2 type of payment plan options they offer , which i ended up choosing the Monthly Option with just 18% Down Payment to get the wheels but i think their 8-11% APR is Fair Enough Compare to Affirm 36% APR. Appreciate the Help Again Guys.
  7. Aiden Jeffery
    Verified Customer
    The sales/product team is very helpful. Requested some items were not yet listed in their website so I reached out to them to have these new items in their website. Not long after I emailed them, they already added the items. Might I suggest you to also add the weight details of the items. Since I'm base in New Zealand, we rely heavily on freight forwarders, and usually they charge by weight. It can help us estimate our shipment cost. All is good!
  8. Martini Aqarae
    Verified Customer
    From the website navigation to the fast shipping, everything went smooth. Also the international shipping was way better than expected. I orderer to Portugal and worked great! My supplier for now on.
  9. Martin Aqarae
    Verified Customer
    Really great company. Very fast delivery and usually ships before estimated time. wheels came in exactly as described. I will definitely shop here again
  10. Lidovic Manson
    Verified Customer
    Honestly, I shopped around a lot for my wheels, but decided on Rooney Wheel. If you get the tires with the wheels you would be hard pressed to beat the price. The customer service is awesome! My wheels came in in perfect condition, mounted and balanced, & ready to go. If you have any questions about your fitment or anything with your setup you can get it answered by the professionals you're in contact with here.
  11. Russell Tabi
    Verified Customer
    Rooney Wheels has become so much more than just wheels, tires and suspension. However, even though they are growing super fast and have all sorts of projects, they still maintain the same quality of service on what started them out - wheels, tires and suspension. The ordering process was incredibly smooth. The selection itself is mind-boggling! They truly have created a one stop shopping experience to get all the info about what wheel and tire specs work for your platform, the selection of styles to the testimonies of actual consumers! It's clear to see that Rooney Wheels takes care of their customers while simultaneously growing the car scene! As an ambassador, I couldn't be more proud of representing Rooney Wheels! Now all I need is more money to buy more parts! Ha!
  12. Michael Roberts
    Verified Customer
    Big shoutout to Joel for the call. I called before about getting a replacement wheel for set I previously purchased. Was told the wheel was discontinued. Was inquiring about possibly getting new wheels and explained my situation to Anthony, he wanted to double check with XXR. He called them and came back with awesome news. They will be coming in in two weeks, hopefully. He sent me a link for one wheel and I placed the order right away. Cannot thank him enough, went above and beyond. Will be contacting him with my future purchases as well.
  13. Kevin Cornwell
    Verified Customer
    I’ve been a fan of Rooney Wheels and their contact for a couple months now and, thanks to them I’ve been inspired to make a decision to work on and transform a old 1998 Ford Mustang my dad left laying around our house a couple years ago. I hope one day I get to met the team and show up with my stallion and thank them for everything I’ve learned from them to becoming part of my inspiration and motivation
  14. Carter S.
    Verified Customer
    Joel helped me out with everything from guiding me in the correct path to getting new rims and tires. This was my first time buying after market rims and he made it a breeze. I told him what kind of car that I have. The look and color that I was going for and he helped with finding out what would work with the clearance so that there was no rubbing or modification needed to the fenders.
  15. Dan F.
    Verified Customer
    All the options are great! Just wished they weren't so hard to find. Some wheels showed up on my screen 3-4 times in a row, sure they're a different color or diameter but I think it'd be easier if you clicked on one, down below should be the similar ones that have their differences. Thank you fitment Industry for all your content and making it possible for me to get my first set of wheels.
  16. Kai
    Verified Customer
    Very well worth the money.
  17. Kevin
    Verified Customer
    Very fast delivery.
  18. Camden
    Verified Customer
    Good service.
  19. Alan
    Verified Customer
    Very well worth the money.
  20. Alan
    Verified Customer
    Good quality.
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Volk Te37 Wheels

 These Volk TE37 Wheel by Volk Racing comes in Super  Concave Center on Graphite and Mag Blue Finished, that inherits the traditional 6 spoke design and aims for further improvement in performance. With twenty years of history and Innovation , the true foundation has not changed but Continued  to advance the TE37 and the next 20 years into the future is an unknown field.

Manufactured By Volk Racing and assembled by factory’s skilled technicians. Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA.

Volk Racing Te37 Specs & Features

  • Front Size : “18×10.5 ET +32
  • Rear Size : “18×10.5 ET +32
  • PCD: 5×114.
  • Finish:  Graphite
  • Accessories: 6 Caps , 5 Valves

Volk TE37 Performance

  • The original TE37 was developed at a time where a sports car had 280Hp, where today, power has increased to an average of 360-380Hp with torque exceeding 40 kgf .
  • Improved aerodynamic cornering, and bottom speed has increased dramatically on the New TE37. The trade-off with the gain in power is the increase of weight to near 1.6t and larger brake systems which enlarge the overall tire size
  • All these updates will create a vehicle closer to a race car. 12 months of extensive development brings the TE37  thorough re-analysis of the realization of higher rigidity and higher performance  like the Chrome SLthat has been accomplished which redefined new factors of a sports car with more power, speed, and weight.
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Volk Racing TE37

About Volk RAYS TE37

The Volk Racing TE37 is arguably one of the most popular wheels in the entire automotive aftermarket. They've been popular for decades and even with minor design changes, the TE37 continues to be one of the most popular wheels out there. They're incredibly popular for JDM vehicles, but it's not uncommon to see them on European or American vehicles as well. Lightweight wheels are nothing unusual. If that’s all you care about, you’ve got plenty to chose from. The TE37 adds two other important elements, though: strength and rigidity. Together, those characteristics are what make a wheel like this so distinctive. In terms of racing, it’s a matchup that’s essential: the more rigid the wheel, the better torque can be transmitted to the tires and, ultimately, to the road. And, well, strong wheels, they don’t break.

Volk Rays TE37 History

Volk’s TE37 dates back to 1996, when Japanese wheel manufacturer RAYS first released its one-piece forged aluminum wheel to consumers. Once considered a luxury reserved for the likes of formula cars that you can’t afford, RAYS helped introduce forged wheel technology to people like us with its Volk Racing line. And since 1996, the TE37 has been manufactured solely in Japan. In fact, Rays’ entire operation is based out of Japan, where all of the company’s design, manufacturing and marketing efforts are conducted, which ensures the sort of quality RAYS expects, and that JDM fanboys, like us here, can sleep soundly every night.

TE37 vs TE37SL

Two of the most popular version of the TE37 are the original TE37 and the TE37SL. Both wheels are incredibly similar and upon first glance look identical other than available finishes, but there are a few key differences between both wheels. The "SL" in "TE37SL" stands for "Super Lap". Rays Engineering specifically designed the TE37SL for track use and put an emphasis on reducing weight as much as possible. They achieved this by putting small cuts on the back of the spokes to reduce weight and machining out the area where the center cap would be. The result is a weight reduction of up to 400 grams. Vivid Racing carries every Volk Racing wheel currently available, including the TE37, TE37SL, TE37 Saga, TE37 Ultra, CE28, CE28N, CE28SL, G50, G25, and many more!

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