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  • Includes high capacity-10 fuel rail and adjustable pressure regulator which flows up to 700lb/hr.
  • Made in USA 50mm
  • Four(4) individual throttles.
  • Four(4) injectors (optional).Our injector position is optimized for maximum horsepower.
  • TWM full radius air horns included.
  • All kits have integral vacuum accumulators.
  • Designed for use with aftermarket injection ECUs or modified and reprogrammed stock units [f
  •  fuel rail, fuel regulator, throttle cable
  • TPS sensor and i will also include the vacuum box/port.

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TWM ITB B16-18 Head

Made in USA , the 50mm THE TWM ITB HEAD IS MISSING THE TPS SENSOR AND THE RETURN SPRING PORTION OF THE ITB. TWM ITBs Designed with the serious motorsport competitor in mind, the 2010 Series brings the advantages of individual runner performance to many of today’s high output engines with everything on it including fuel Injection with custom plugins from our shop

These units breathe through four throttles into a runner designed to be a straight shot to the cylinder head where it joins the port at the optimal angle for maximum flow.


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