Nissan 350-370 Z Steering Wheel


  • Matte/Glossy Carbon Fiber and Perforated Leather/Alcantara Construction
  • LED shift indicator (customizable colors and shift points)
  • LCD Screen showing RPM, speed, battery voltage, engine capacity, water temperature, lap timer, Oil status, etc.
  • Racing Stripe at 12 o’clock Position
  • Custom Stitching
  • Defined 10 and 2 Notches for improved grip
  • Flat Bottom Race-Inspired Design which also increases leg room
  • Reuses ALL Original Hardware and Wiring from Existing Steering Wheel
  • Will also fit Right Hand Drive (RHD) Models


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Nissan 350-370 Z Steering Wheel

This Custom Nissan 350- 370 Z  Steering Wheel made from Pure Fibre Carbon  enhance your driving experience to another level .

Direct-fit for ALL vehicles with a Manual Transmission Will also fit Automatic Transmission vehicles, but will require swapping the trim panel, wiring harness and shifting mechanisms from your existing steering wheel to the new steering wheel to ensure proper functioning of the paddle shifters.
LED & LCD Screen Module connect using wireless OBD2 module which can be find from our shop and other related steering wheels.