DROPSTARS® – 655C Chrome

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These Dropstars 655C wheels feature a Chrome finish and are sure to make your ride stand out! This particular wheel setup is in 20×12 with a -44 offset. The Dropstars 655C is a One Piece Alloy wheel that features exposed lugs. These beautiful 8 spoke wheels are available in a 8×180 configuration and will be sure to elevate the look of your vehicle build!

BRAND: DropStars 665C

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DROPSTARS® – 655C Chrome

This Dropstars 655C Chrome wheels comes with a customized Lip Size, Concavity, and overall Appearance, may vary depending on Vehicle and Wheel Size
Once Tires are mounted onto Wheels, the wheels become Non-Returnable
Feel free to contact our dedicated Wheel & Tire team with any questions

  • Gloss silver finish
  • Brushed aluminum face
  • Polished wheel lip
  • Deep lip design
  • Rotational style
  • “Dropstars” center cap
  • One year finish warranty
  • Lifetime structural warranty

Unlike most other brands of wheels  that tend to focus on one particular style on  Dropstars 655C Chrome Off Road wheels  like the new 654BM DEEP CONCAVE has opted to go a different route by coming up with looks that cut across the usual genres.

Some of their wheels contain the edgy aggressiveness that ‘street’ enthusiasts tend to prize while others are more tough and stoic in the off-road fashion. Yet others are sleek, sophisticated, and polished – with an elegance that would really fit luxury cars and vehicles, and is certainly appreciated by that segment of the market produced by DropStars.