317SG Satin Graphite Wheels by DRIFZ®. This Drifz wheel is designed to outperform anything in its weight class. Made using state-of-the-art flow forming technology, it’s ready to withstand the most extreme driving. It also features strengthened ribbed ridges for structural integrity, bead knurling to prevent slippage between the rim and tire as well as back pocketing, which allows for saving weight without sacrifice to dependability and safety.

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DRIFZ 317SG Satin Graphite


Lip Size, Concavity, and overall Appearance, may vary depending on Vehicle and Wheel Size
Once Tires are mounted onto Wheels, the wheels become Non-Returnable
Feel free to contact our dedicated Wheel & Tire team with any questions


Flow forming Technology
Lighter and stronger wheel with increased elongation and greater shock resistance making this a great performance wheel.

Knurled Bead Seat
DRIFZ knurled bead seat improves the grip between the tire and rim reducing tire slippage. This achieves the highest performance during extreme acceleration and deceleration.

Structural Ridges
Strengthened Ribbed ridges have been designed into the barrel to benefit the structural integrity and durability of the wheel.

Race Pocketing
Strategic pocketing was implemented to minimize weight without compromising the strength, reliability, and safety of the wheel.

No matter where you go, with Drifz wheels, you are ready for your adventures. Whether it is a race track, a highway, or mud-locked roads, they are built to handle the most extreme conditions. Built to meet or exceed the needs of even the most demanding customers, Drifz wheels feature cutting-edge design and improved shock resistance. Ensuring the quality and performance you expect and deserve, they are recognized for their superb craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics. So, if you want to turn heads and corners, dress up your pride and joy with nothing else but a set of top-of-the-line Drifz wheels