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COLOR:  Matt Black
PCD: 5×114.3
OFFSET:     +32
WIDTH:      9.5

Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA

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9 reviews
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9 reviews for Wed Kranze LXZ Wheel ( “20×9.5 ET +32 – Med Disk)

  1. Manuel Hoya
    Verified Customer
    From the website navigation to the fast shipping, everything went smooth. Also the international shipping was way better than expected. I orderer to Portugal and worked great! My supplier for now on.
  2. Sam M
    Verified Customer
    Received my wheels was a lot quicker than ordering parts from my own country of Australia! Thank you
  3. Callum Veira
    Verified Customer
    Soy un cliente recurrente y no tengo más que cosas buenas que decir sobre Rooney. Desde los precios de las ruedas hasta el excelente servicio al cliente. No tengo más que cosas buenas que decir y una experiencia agradable para los compradores. Continuaré comprando y brindando soporte, mientras reconstruyo piezas para mis proyectos interminables.
  4. George H.
    Verified Customer
    I know a few people who have ordered from them and they've told me they've come through every time. 10/10 wheel choice, too
  5. George H.
    Verified Customer
    I know a few people who have ordered from them and they've told me they've come through every time. 10/10 wheel choice, too
  6. Jose Alvarez
    Verified Customer
    I Got declined on Multiple Site trying to get this set of wheels due to my bad credit score but finally got them at Rooney Wheels with Credit Checked or SSN , they just have a 25% to 30% Down Payment Option to get most of the wheels as i got mind at very Low Interest Rate
  7. Charleston Terrence
    Verified Customer
    Been looking for the Weds Kranze Faces for a while now till I finally came across Rooney Wheels searching for some Cerberus wheels mehn came across so many different Weds Kranze Brands I have been looking for especially weds Kranze LxZ wheels but were above my price and had to settle for the vishunu Faces
  8. Dedham H.
    Verified Customer
    I will like to thank Tiffany in particular for all the Patience helping me choose these particular set of Weds Kranze been looking for the whole internet for it but Rooney Wheels we’re one of the only few people to have them available and ready to ship I ordered these “18 on Wednesday last week had them on Monday even after the little polish they did on the Faces and I absolutely love the results will absolutely be shopping here next time
  9. Erique Mendoza
    Verified Customer
    I couldn’t get these Kranze set on Monthly Financing with Affirm but Mathew with Management contacted me and offered the Store Payment Plan for all customers even with the worst Credit which we finally concluded on a 15% Down payment with 16 months Payment Duration at a 2.3% interest Rate got the wheels On Saturday to my door thanks again for all the support
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Wed Kranze LXZ Wheels

The Wed Kranze LXZ wheels comes in Matt Black Finish  with Silver Polish Lips available in Med  and Hi Disk. The  Wed LXZ Series one of the most popular and desired Weds Sport designs which was first introduced as a true “Sport” luxury wheel design  more traditional Japanese sport design with added luxury finishes and other Kranze model in 19 inch and “18 inch size Options.

Manufactured by Weds Sports Co.Ltd Japan and hand-assembled by factory’s skilled technicians. Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA

Wed LXZ  Specs & Features

  • Front Size : “20×9.5 ET +32
  • Rear Size : “20×9.5 ET +32
  • PCD : 5×114.3
  • Finish | Matt Black
  • Disk Type: Med Disk
  • Accessories: 6 Caps , 4 Valves , 1 wrench


  • Relip
  • Rebarrel
  • Power Coating
  • Step Lip Conversion to 22″
  • Brusing
  • High Polishing
  • Diamond Cutting
  • Plating( Any Color)
  • Redrill ( 5×120, 5×115,5×112, 5×100 & 5×108)
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Weds Wheels

About Weds Wheels

Founded in 1984, Weds Wheels used the rigor of motorsport racing to design wheels that allowed engineers to develop innovative technologies to produce wheels that are champions on the street and track. Weds is a Japanese wheel manufacturer for both motorsport and street use. Weds currently produces three brands of wheels: WedsSport, Kränze, and Maverick. The company is most notable for their WedsSport line of motorsport wheels and WedsSport's longtime sponsorship of the Super GT racing team, Racing Project Bandoh. Weds originally produced wheels for the Nissan motor company. In 1969, they entered the aftermarket wheel industry as a supplier of the now-defunct, Elster brand of wheels. Fun fact #1: The Company was renamed in 1973 to WEDS, short for World Elster Distribution System. Fun Fact #2: Weds created the world's first three-piece forged wheel in 1977.


WedSport was developed as the flagship line of Weds Wheels. And like any flagship products, the WedsSport delivers all the goods and all the technology that Weds has developed in every one of their wheels. WedsSport was originally developed as high-performance forged wheels for competition racing. Throughout the years, Weds used the highly demanding motorsport racing environment as a testing ground for the development of their high-quality street wheels. Some of their designs have famously been used in the JGTC since 1998 with the team Racing Project Bandoh. Today, WedsSport has become a top choice for premium, durable, and lightweight wheels – either by enthusiasts or hardcore racers. Many of their wheels are designed to provide the best possible weight to strength ratio, and many of their wheels are offered at a lower price point than the competition.

Advanced Metal Forming Technology

In AMF the cast rim and disc are simultaneously formed. Then the cast disc is to be put through a wheel-only spinning processor and roll the rim. First, the wheel is cast into a shape unique to flow-forming. It is molded with stretching as opposed to other products that are cast in with the shape of products. And then with the application of extensive heat, rim sections are stretched by exclusive spinning equipment. Finally, the machining process is done. Painting after spinning to make it into a stunning, strong, high-quality wheel that Weds is known for. The AMF Process realizes more flexible and tenacious strength by having aluminum material’s crystal and macro formation get further detailed through being forged in this process. Now it is possible to create high-precision rim that is a seamless tube as compared to the type that forms a sheet material into a ring through welding. Such a new method of the manufacturing process has the merits of both casting and forging. Weds develop WedSport wheels through continuous strength and quality tests and analysis. Each wheel leaves the manufacturing plant with guaranteed premium quality, durability, lightness, and eye-catching design. They also exceed JWL standard requirements.

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