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BRAND:   Koenig
DIAMETER:    “19
COLOR   Chrome
DISK:     Hi
OFFSET:   +32
WIDTH:   9.5/10.5

Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA

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10 reviews
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10 reviews for SSR Koenig Wheels | “19×9.5/10.5 ET +32 – Hi Disk | Chrome

  1. Richard Ming
    Verified Customer
    Having tracking is great especially when shipping overseas along with receiving my order in an extremely timely manner as this SSR Koenig wheels have been my dreams wheels for IS300 AND considering how far the package had to travel to reach Singapore we had no issue with Custom and all 10/10 will order from again.
  2. Michael Jacobs
    Verified Customer
    Great customer support! Lost a pair of my center Caps . Talked to their customer service, they let me order a few single caps for replacement without having to get a whole set!
  3. Schmit Witz
    Verified Customer
    Einfach zu bedienende Website, pünktliche und klare Kommunikation, wenn ich eine Frage hatte, angemessener Preis, gut verpackt, nach Stuttgart geliefert. Adresse in 9 Tagen. Könnte mit der Geschwindigkeit nicht zufriedener sein
  4. Jerome Smith Snr.
    Verified Customer
    Being a very particular customer. We went back and forth a few times on making the order. Each time Rooney checked with OEM and came back with a solution. This is rare. Especially that my order is not large usually been single wheels
  5. Desmond Fevre
    Verified Customer
    First time ordering from Rooney Auto in Australia. Great communication from start to finish, product arrived on time with no issues with shipping
  6. Daniel Bonni
    Verified Customer
    Mathew from support was able to ensure these Wheels would fit Supra and Shipping was extremely fast! The packing quality protected everything and I was 100% happy with my order!
  7. Michael Jr.
    Verified Customer
    Great support, quick service and arrived on time to Australia . Thank you Team
  8. Jonathan DeShawn
    Verified Customer
    The whole process is super easy start to finish! Every time I've had communications with these guys my questions were answered quickly and they super helpful. These SSR Koenig are top notch and the turn around time and shipping options are excellent! I will gladly continue to do business with them in the future!
  9. Javier Mckey
    Verified Customer
    I was Able to Finance this SSR Koenig with the help of Jacob with Support as AfterPay declined my Payment Plan Offer to finance the wheels but i was contacted by Support and offer the 2 type of payment plan options they offer , which i ended up choosing the Monthly Option with just 18% Down Payment to get the wheels but i think their 8-11% APR is Fair Enough Compare to Affirm 36% APR. Appreciate the Help Again Guys.
  10. Collins Deth
    Verified Customer
    Easy site to navigate. Detailed images of SSR Wheels . Competitive or better pricing on the Koenig Faces I was looking for. Great communication on order status and shipment. Items received quickly and without issue.
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SSR Koenig Wheels

These SSR Koenig Wheel By SSR Japan  is a true 2-piece with Classic 5-spoke modular Design, that Utilize from the latest low Pressure cast model  With advanced  outer and inner  barrel forming technique to assure the strength -to-Weigh Ratio .

This Particular SSR Koenig  wheel comes in Raw Chrome Finish with Anodized CNC Machine Cut Barrels and Lips with Classic  5-spoke design which  has been the leading pack in the Koenig Series ,

SSR Koenig has diverse range of diameters, size and application. The  styling and quality has made the Koenig a top choice for many higher end coupes and sedans Vehicle .Available  in “17 & “18 Inch Option,

Manufactured By Work Wheels Japan and assembled by factory’s skilled technicians. Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA.

SSR Koenig Specs & Features

  • Front Size : “19×9.5 ET +32
  • Rear Size : “19×10.5 ET +32
  • PCD: 5×114.3
  • Disk Option : Hi
  • Finish: Raw Chrome | Anodized Barrels & Lips
  • Accessories: koenig center cap + straight type valve stem (in outer barrels)

SSR Koenig Performance

  • The SSR Koenig was developed at a time where a sports car had 280Hp, where today, power has increased to an average of 360-380Hp with torque exceeding 40 kgf .
  • Improved aerodynamic cornering, and bottom speed has increased dramatically. The trade-off with the gain in power is the increase of weight to near 1.6t and larger brake systems which enlarge the overall tire size
  • All these updates will create a vehicle closer to a race car. 12 months of extensive development brings the ssr koenig thorough re-analysis of the realization of higher rigidity and higher performance that has been accomplished which redefined new factors of a sports car with more power, speed, and weight.



About SSR Wheels

SSR wheel was born in circuit to improve the car performance. Since its birth, SSR wheel is being evolved at the same speed as the evolution of car. Its safety and security standard meets the customer’s needs at the high level. Quality Control In 1970s when SSR released MK-Ⅰ ,the alloy wheel demand increased drastically. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport constituted JWL standard in 1973 to ensure the safety and security of alloy wheels. JWL mark is indicated on the wheel that can pass this standard only. In 1981, the public third party VIA that inspects JWL standard was established. The quality standard of alloy wheels became more strict. Needless to say, SSR wheels comply with JWL standard (except for SPEED STAR series). In addition, JWL and VIA marks on our wheels have unique value as our strength test standard is much higher than the one that is constituted by Ministry. Since established, SSR keeps evolving the performance of wheel. For us, pursuing  the lightness and strength of wheel invariable theme. Therefore, our unique and higher quality standard is one of the essence of developing process. Even the fashion wheels, we pursue the lightness and strength. SSR does not change this stance.

JWL and VIA Certified

Japan has strict regulations when it comes to wheel manufacturing. All wheels made there should pass the Japan Light Alloy Wheel Certification (JWL). SSR stepped a notched beyond that by subjecting its wheels to a 3rd party testing called Vehicle Inspection Association (VIA). SSR has met these requirements and as proof, embossed these logos on all their wheels. This ensures that their product is safe and reliable to use both on the street and track.

Racing Background

SSR wheels have always positioned itself as a company that gives out the best. Hence they take extreme measures to improve their products. Rooney Wheels have created a dedicated racing division whose sole purpose is to develop SSR wheels Sales. They have been part of the success of many champions from different racing series such as  Time attack races, D1GP, Formula D, and the coveted Japanese Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC) The data obtained from these races are then analyzed, and the improvement is applied not only in the racing wheel but also with their commercialized wheel variants.

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