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BRAND: Cerberus 1
COLOR:    Raw Silver
DIAMETER:    “18
PCD:    5×114.3

Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA.

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5 reviews
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5 reviews for Wed Kranze Cerberus 1 Face (“18 inch – Hi Disk)

  1. Juluis Callum
    Verified Customer
    The team was quick to respond with the relevant wheel suggestion for my MK4 and FJ60. Efficient, bargain prices and quick delivery... Not much more you can ask for as we settle on this Wed Kranze Cerberus set
  2. Elmond Manni
    Verified Customer
    Great company has wheels Specification I'd never would have found anywhere else and the wheels got here earlier than expected 5 stars , Perfectly Fit my 99 gf8 sportswagon, from Vancouver Island , Canada.
  3. John Hosea
    Verified Customer
    This was my second time ordering from Rooney Auto Expected completion and delivery was estimated around 4/8/24 and arrived sooner that expected 3rd week of march. Good customer service and quick response.
  4. Anishkarb Norman
    Verified Customer
    I was Able to Finance this Wed Cerberus with the help of Jacob with Support as Paypal declined my Payment Plan Offer to finance the wheels but i was contacted by Support and offer the 2 type of payment plan options they offer , which i ended up choosing the Monthly Option with just 18% Down Payment to get the wheels ship to New Mexico but i think their 8-11% APR is Fair Enough Compare to Affirm 36% APR which increases when you mix payment Appreciate the Help Again Guys. Will definitely be shopping here again when my paycheck comes through
  5. Javier Moncler
    Verified Customer
    So impressed Ordered these Wed Cerberus and was dubious as it was only 40% of the cost of a 2nd hand one from Europe. Postage was fantastic with numerous options. I went for normal postage and part arrived in Australia from USA inside 1 1/2 weeks. I have recommended Rooney Automotive to my friends and Lexus club. Happy to shop here in the future.
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Weds Kranze Cerberus face

These Wed Cerberus 1 Face comes in “18 inch  with Raw Silver Finish on 5×114.3 Bolt Pattern. This Wed Cerberus 1 faces are available with Their original Centers Caps all in perfect condition comes in Hi Disk  also available in  “17 inch Faces

Manufactured by Weds Sports Co.Ltd Japan and hand-assembled by factory’s skilled technicians. Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA.


Wed Cerberus 1 Face Specs and Features

  • Diameter : “18 inch
  • PCD:  5×114.3
  • Disk Type: Hi
  • Finish: Raw Silver
  • 4 Center Caps
  • 4 Valves
  • Nut ( optional)
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Work Wheels

About Work Wheels

Founded back in 1977 by Takeshi Tanaka, WORK Wheels began in Japan with a modest capital. Over the many years of successful business, WORK Wheels are now a household name and regarded as one of Japan's premier manufacturers of high quality, aftermarket performance wheels. Takeshi Tanaka's entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire and live on through the thousands of wheels produced by Work for the many fans he has influenced over the decades.


Built with pride and the attention you'd expect from highly skilled craftsmen, each 1, 2 and 3-piece wheel is manufactured and completed to the highest safety standards. Multiple testing during the manufacturing process ensures the wheels are true and meet the high standards expected from Work Wheels. Each WORK wheel is tailor made in Japan to your exact specification. So you get wheels to fit your car, that are your style, with your fitment. Why settle for mass produced fast food hamburger when you can order your favourite cut of steak, cooked exactly as you like.


WORK Wheels focus heavily on the technology used in rim forming and the rim barrel in a WORK wheel is what sets their alloys apart from the competition. The rim barrel is the part of the wheel that takes most of the load of the vehicle. WORK Wheels is one of the only companies in the world that has developed and used a ‘Solid Rim Flange’ which provides the strength.
Whilst most companies boast about being ‘forged’, that process only applies to the centre of the wheel. Having a forged centre disk with spun rim barrels doesn’t make much difference in the strength. The solid rim flange and a thicker barrel on WORK Wheels give them the strength advantage over other wheels on the market.

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