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BRAND:    Courage
COLOR:     Polish
DIAMETER:       “17
OFFSET:     +32
WIDTH:        8.5

Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA.

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11 reviews
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11 reviews for SSR Vienna Courage Wheels (“17×8.5 ET +32 – Hi Disk)

  1. Garvin Franklin
    Verified Customer
    I was very pleased when an email came through from Mathew, pressumably from customer services, who in formed me of a cheaper shipping option that was available to me. He then organized the shipping change and the refund for me as soon as I emailed a reply to confirm it. Very impressed with the attention to detail on they part. Thanks!
  2. Jose Mateo
    Verified Customer
    What an amazing company I am very happy with my purchases and shipping time frame u guys are awesome thank u for helping me find the right measurement for my existence car
  3. Bruce Edward
    Verified Customer
    Really happy with the two shirts I got after Ordering the wheels (and the free hat I got with the offer) Quality and fit are spot on, I’m 6’1” and went with size large. Fast delivery too for me being in the uk
  4. Bruce Edward
    Verified Customer
    Honestly the thing that sold me was the price being incredibly competitive. Even accounting for delivery and import tax, it was cheaper to buy from Rooney than any company supplying the same part in the UK. The delivery was very quick, I unfortunately ordered before a bank holiday so there was some delay once it arrived in the UK but the international leg of the shipping was very fast. The ability to filter parts by your vehicle model is very nice too. Will definitely be back!
  5. Jimmy Cho
    Verified Customer
    I was hesitant to order from Rooney Auto but after reading some other reviews I decided to give them a shot. I couldn’t be happier, great communication, and wheels arrived when expected! Awesome customer experience!
  6. Remy Henderson
    Verified Customer
    The shipping was extremely fast, everything arrived well packed, can't be happier. I will be back for more.
  7. Daniel Alvarez
    Verified Customer
    ¡Es excelente tratar con estos chicos! Todos los productos que ofrecen tienen buenos precios y los plazos de entrega son excelentes. Los he usado varias veces y continuaré usando sus servicios en el futuro.
  8. Kristian Lolodorf
    Verified Customer
    Diese Räder kamen viel früher als erwartet an und waren sehr gut verpackt, keine Beschädigungen oder irgendwelche Probleme, ein angenehmes Erlebnis
  9. Steven Chong
    Verified Customer
    I have used RooneyAutomotive multiple times without issue. The items are always packaged up perfectly and shipped out quickly. If you need to contact their customer support, they are super helpful. I will definitely be using their services again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
  10. Dankr Norris
    Verified Customer
    So impressed Ordered the part and was dubious as it was only 40% of the cost of a 2nd hand one from China Postage was fantastic with numerous options. I went for normal postage and part arrived in Australia from Usa inside 2 weeks. I have recommended Rooney to my friends and Lexus club. Happy to shop here in the future.
  11. Jonathan Angi'e
    Verified Customer
    I was Able to Finance this SS Vienna Courage with the help of Nathaniel with Support as Affirm declined my Payment Plan Offer to finance the wheels but i was contacted by Support and offer the 2 type of payment plan options they offer , which i ended up choosing the Monthly Option with just 18% Down Payment to get the wheels but i think their 8-11% APR is Fair Enough Compare to Affirm 36% APR. Appreciate the Help Again Guys.
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SSR Vienna Courage Wheels

These SSR Vienna Courage Wheels has been the one of the most recognized Japanese Wheels  in our The SSR Vienna Series. The Vienna Courage is a true 3 piece wheels modular Built  for High Strenth-to-Weight Ration  with advanced forming outer and inner Anodized barrel, CNC Machine Cut  Lug Hardware  to ease installation, also available in “18 Inch.

Manufactured By SSR Tanebe Co,.Ltd Japan and assembled by factory’s skilled technicians. Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA.

SSR Vienna Courage  Specs & Features

  • Front Size : “17×8.5 ET +32
  • Rear Size : “17×8.5 ET +32
  • PCD: 5×114.3
  • Disk Type: Hi (BBK)
  • Finish:  Polish | Anodized Barrels & Lips
  • Accessories: Vienna center cap + straight type valve stem (in outer barrel),

Vienna Courage Performance

  • Improved aerodynamic cornering, and bottom speed has increased dramatically on the SSR Courage . The trade-off with the gain in power is the increase of weight to near 1.8t and larger brake systems which enlarge the overall tire size.
  • The advantage of 3 piece wheels like Vienna Courage and Agle Strusse are, their strength, rebuildable and wider rim width. Very popular with larger sport coupe that require wider rim width
  • OE TPMS and Lug Hardware Compatible for easy installation
  • Wed Sport Co, Ltd. stuck to the original definitions of the SSR Vienna Series by maintaining the features including light weight compared to existing models.
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About SSR Wheels

SSR wheel was born in circuit to improve the car performance. Since its birth, SSR wheel is being evolved at the same speed as the evolution of car. Its safety and security standard meets the customer’s needs at the high level. Quality Control In 1970s when SSR released MK-Ⅰ ,the alloy wheel demand increased drastically. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport constituted JWL standard in 1973 to ensure the safety and security of alloy wheels. JWL mark is indicated on the wheel that can pass this standard only. In 1981, the public third party VIA that inspects JWL standard was established. The quality standard of alloy wheels became more strict. Needless to say, SSR wheels comply with JWL standard (except for SPEED STAR series). In addition, JWL and VIA marks on our wheels have unique value as our strength test standard is much higher than the one that is constituted by Ministry. Since established, SSR keeps evolving the performance of wheel. For us, pursuing  the lightness and strength of wheel invariable theme. Therefore, our unique and higher quality standard is one of the essence of developing process. Even the fashion wheels, we pursue the lightness and strength. SSR does not change this stance.

JWL and VIA Certified

Japan has strict regulations when it comes to wheel manufacturing. All wheels made there should pass the Japan Light Alloy Wheel Certification (JWL). SSR stepped a notched beyond that by subjecting its wheels to a 3rd party testing called Vehicle Inspection Association (VIA). SSR has met these requirements and as proof, embossed these logos on all their wheels. This ensures that their product is safe and reliable to use both on the street and track.

Racing Background

SSR wheels have always positioned itself as a company that gives out the best. Hence they take extreme measures to improve their products. Rooney Wheels have created a dedicated racing division whose sole purpose is to develop SSR wheels Sales. They have been part of the success of many champions from different racing series such as  Time attack races, D1GP, Formula D, and the coveted Japanese Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC) The data obtained from these races are then analyzed, and the improvement is applied not only in the racing wheel but also with their commercialized wheel variants.

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