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Price in Set(4)

BRAND:    Vishunu
COLOR:    Chrome
DIAMETER:       “19
OFFSET:     +26/+30
WIDTH:        10.5

Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA.

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5 reviews
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5 reviews for Wed Kranze Vishunu Wheels (“19×10.5 ET +26/+30 – Med Disk)

  1. Fabio Machelli
    Verified Customer
    I prodotti solitamente arrivano molto prima del previsto in Italia e in perfette condizioni come in foto. Ho già acquistato 2 parti e ruote per la mia Nissan S14A e tutto è stato perfetto
  2. Armando J
    Verified Customer
    Glad to find a place that I can order Authentic Wed Vishunu Wheels, my order came quickly too, Wheels were in Almost New Condition also. website is a little difficult for Spanish Speaker like me but once you figure it out it's not to bad.
  3. David Thorn
    Verified Customer
    I was Able to Finance this Wed Vishunu with the help of Jacob with Support as Affirm declined my Payment Plan Offer to finance the wheels but i was contacted by Support and offer the 2 type of payment plan options they offer , which i ended up choosing the Monthly Option with just 18% Down Payment to get the wheels but i think their 11% APR is Fair Enough Compare to Affirm 36% APR. Appreciate the Help Again Guys.
  4. Dario Manu
    Verified Customer
    Arrived on time, and in good condition for such a delicate item, this type of a/c condensers are hard to find, harder to find is a good price, I got both, very happy.
  5. Callum Smith
    Verified Customer
    It was my first time ever purchasing from Rooney . Website was really easy to browse and they were only a few that had what I was looking for at a reasonable price. The "18 inch i got wanted it customize to Matt Black Centers which was suppose to be available for shipping till April 02 2024 but I ended up receiving it a Week earlier. Shipping with EMS was real quick. The whole process was really simple and smooth. Will purchase from again in the future.
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Wed Kranze Vishunu Wheels

These  Wed Kranze Vishunu by Wed Sport co, Ltd is 3-Piece that Feature distinctive Classic Multi-Spoke Design  , that comes in Anodized Chrome Finish with rare Red Center available in Square set up “19×10.5 ET +26/+30 . The Vishunu has the best High Strenth-to-Weight Ration  Distribution , from all Wed Kranze Series,  with advanced forming outer and inner Anodized barrel CNC Machine Cut ,Other Sizes available in Polish“18  Inch.

Manufactured by Weds Sport Co,Ltd. Japan and assembled by factory’s skilled technicians. Tested under the latest JWL / VIA testing regulation and certified by JAWA.

Wed Vishunu Specs & Features

  • Front Size : “19×10.5 ET +26
  • Rear Size : “19×10.5 ET +30
  • PCD: 5×114.3
  • Disk Type: Med (BBK)
  • Finish:  Chrome| Anodized Barrels & Lips
  • Accessories: Vishunu center cap + straight type valve stem (in outer barrel),

Wed Vishunu Performance

  • Improved aerodynamic cornering, and bottom speed has increased dramatically on the Wed Vishunu . The trade-off with the gain in power is the increase of weight to near 1.8t and larger brake systems which enlarge the overall tire size.
  • The advantage of 3 piece wheels like Vishunu are, their strength, rebuildable and wider rim width. Very popular with larger sport coupe that require wider rim width
  • OE TPMS and Lug Hardware Compatible for easy installation
  • Wed Sport Co, Ltd. stuck to the original definitions of the Vishunu Series by maintaining the features including light weight compared to existing models.
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Weds Wheels

About Weds Wheels

Founded in 1984, Weds Wheels used the rigor of motorsport racing to design wheels that allowed engineers to develop innovative technologies to produce wheels that are champions on the street and track. Weds is a Japanese wheel manufacturer for both motorsport and street use. Weds currently produces three brands of wheels: WedsSport, Kränze, and Maverick. The company is most notable for their WedsSport line of motorsport wheels and WedsSport's longtime sponsorship of the Super GT racing team, Racing Project Bandoh. Weds originally produced wheels for the Nissan motor company. In 1969, they entered the aftermarket wheel industry as a supplier of the now-defunct, Elster brand of wheels. Fun fact #1: The Company was renamed in 1973 to WEDS, short for World Elster Distribution System. Fun Fact #2: Weds created the world's first three-piece forged wheel in 1977.


WedSport was developed as the flagship line of Weds Wheels. And like any flagship products, the WedsSport delivers all the goods and all the technology that Weds has developed in every one of their wheels. WedsSport was originally developed as high-performance forged wheels for competition racing. Throughout the years, Weds used the highly demanding motorsport racing environment as a testing ground for the development of their high-quality street wheels. Some of their designs have famously been used in the JGTC since 1998 with the team Racing Project Bandoh. Today, WedsSport has become a top choice for premium, durable, and lightweight wheels – either by enthusiasts or hardcore racers. Many of their wheels are designed to provide the best possible weight to strength ratio, and many of their wheels are offered at a lower price point than the competition.

Advanced Metal Forming Technology

In AMF the cast rim and disc are simultaneously formed. Then the cast disc is to be put through a wheel-only spinning processor and roll the rim. First, the wheel is cast into a shape unique to flow-forming. It is molded with stretching as opposed to other products that are cast in with the shape of products. And then with the application of extensive heat, rim sections are stretched by exclusive spinning equipment. Finally, the machining process is done. Painting after spinning to make it into a stunning, strong, high-quality wheel that Weds is known for. The AMF Process realizes more flexible and tenacious strength by having aluminum material’s crystal and macro formation get further detailed through being forged in this process. Now it is possible to create high-precision rim that is a seamless tube as compared to the type that forms a sheet material into a ring through welding. Such a new method of the manufacturing process has the merits of both casting and forging. Weds develop WedSport wheels through continuous strength and quality tests and analysis. Each wheel leaves the manufacturing plant with guaranteed premium quality, durability, lightness, and eye-catching design. They also exceed JWL standard requirements.

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