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BORE: 57.00mm
COLOR: Diamond Silver
PCD: 4×100
WIDTH: 7.5

Any Questions About Fitment on Your car Please Contact us  : Sales@rooneywheel.com 

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9 reviews
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9 reviews for BBS RS 001 Wheels

  1. Ederson King
    Verified Customer
    I'm trying to checkout from your website but i was wondering if you shipped to Vermont ,USA?
  2. Ederson King
    Verified Customer
    Can i pay Installmentally from Canada
  3. Carlos Hugo
    Verified Customer
    This are really rare set for BBS RS 001 wheels. i wish my pension came in already to purchase them for car
  4. Derick Whitehall
    Verified Customer
    you guys sell them in Pairs ? i need the Rear
  5. Howard
    Verified Customer
    this is so far the cleanest BBS RS 001 Set i have seen yet on
  6. Nath Collins
    Verified Customer
    Wow i could'nt believe there was still A set BBS Available till i bought them from Rooney Wheels Last week Appreciate the Help and support from customer service especially Brian
  7. Mav Stewart
    Verified Customer
    BBS wheels have been one of the best wheels ever made on Road Performance especial the BBS RS &LM
  8. Derelle Jackson Snr
    Verified Customer
    Best wheels for sedan been looking for 20"x11 set for couple of months now finally got it from Rooney Wheels Ltd. Thanks to Brian at the customer service for helping with answer to all my questions
  9. Chevy Damian
    Verified Customer
    You can only get Rare BBS wheels from the Biggest BBS Dealer Rooney
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BBS RS 001 Wheels Set

This Factory OEM BBS RS 001 wheels comes equipped on a BMW 3/1, 3/R; VW golf 2 models. This is an aluminium wheel with a diameter of 15″ and width of 7″. These BBS wheels has 4×100 pitch center diameter. The offset of this BBS rims is 25. Wheels has 57 mm center bore and equipped with original valves, Barrel and Lips. These 01 rims might fit other cars same as the BBS LM given the specifications match below with the replacement wheel.


  • Size : 15×7  ET +25
  • PCD: 4×100
  • Hub Bore: 57mm
  • Original Caps
  • Brand New valve
  • Original Barrels and Lips
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History of BBS

From the young car enthusiasts to the older generation, everyone knows what BBS is. BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik is the company behind the most successful wheel brand, not just in Europe but worldwide. It is a company that manufactures high-performance wheel designs used as an OEM application as well as the wheel of choice for motorsport racing. BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik began in 1970 in Schiltach, Germany as a manufacturing plant for plastic auto body parts.

Revolutionizing the Wheel Industry

During the time where wheels were made as a single piece, BBS introduced a three-piece racing wheel in 1972. It was lighter compared to its competitor, which makes it suitable for motor racing. They were the first to introduce a forged magnesium racing wheel which enables them to manufacture wheels as light as possible - without sacrificing its strength. Even today, BBS continues to revolutionize wheel designs by introducing new innovations such as the Air Inside Technology (AIT). It is where they have created hollow chambers within the wheel structure to compensate for the small air volume in modern ultra-low-profile tyres. This helps in reducing the wheel weight, thus improving the vehicle's handling.

Top Choice of Big Automotive Brands

Due to the company's success, it has been chosen as the OEM wheels for big automotive brands such as Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Mitsubishi, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Infiniti, Jaguars, Renault, Saab, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen Volvo and Lexus.

Timeless Pieces

BBS offers a variety of new wheel designs depending on your taste. But it's most successful design; the multi-spoke mesh type rims have been a timeless favourite both by casual drivers and motorsport enthusiasts. Various companies have copied it, but these brands never reached the status attained by the original BBS rims.

Purchase BBS rims at Rooney Wheels

BBS has played a big part in the development of the automotive industry. It has shaped how wheels are made today. Owning one doesn't just satisfy your desire to have a better performing wheel. It provides you with a piece of what is known to be a wheel icon in the automotive from all size and Colors available at Rooney Wheels.

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