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Price in Set(4)

BRAND:  Blitz 03
COLOR: Silver
PCD: 5×114.3
WIDTH:  9 & 10

We Have Blitz Type 03 in “17 & “18 with Different Offsets and Widths.

Extra Services

  • Relip / Rebarrel
  • Power Coating
  • High Polishing
  • Brushing
  • Plating( Chrome, Black, Copper , etc)
  • Redrill to ( 4×100 to 5×120)

EMAIL: Sales@rooneywheel.com For Any questions about Wheel Fitment on your Car .24/7 Response Team.

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15 reviews
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15 reviews for Blitz Type 03 Wheels Set

  1. Deon Wayne
    Verified Customer
    Shipping was fast that I have confidence in Rooney Wheels
  2. Denis Authur
    Verified Customer
    Blitz are perfect investment wheels to sell later . i saw Work wheels selling them for $20k a set i think that's gross but i can manage tis Rooney Blitz Z1 for sure
  3. Leonard Elvis
    Verified Customer
    I remember back in 2014 wheels Dealer in California Charge $15k for a 18" Set of Blitz Type 03 Rooney Your Price is pretty Affordable and Okay i wish pension came earlier
  4. Paul Chilini
    Verified Customer
    Authentic BBS Dealer Rooney Wheels Ltd. You have my Respect Boss Finally Got my Work VS XX Yesterday thanks to you guys and Brian at the Customer service department for Answering all my questions i was thinking of getting this Blitz but shit only take 17"
  5. Kanan
    Verified Customer
    Blitz 03 are really expensive but i could say they worth every penny from Face to Barrels
  6. Kayden
    Verified Customer
    Very well worth the money.
  7. RW
    Hope The work meister Fit Your call Jamy?
  8. Jamy Trent
    Verified Customer
    love them Blitz but wer too expensive for me had to go the Work Meister S13P Convertion and thanks for coming through Rooney
  9. Angel
    Verified Customer
    Good quality.
  10. Charles
    Verified Customer
    The product is firmly packed.
  11. Kaden Arabic
    Verified Customer
    The product is firmly packed.
  12. Daniel
    Verified Customer
    Good quality.
  13. Anthony
    Verified Customer
    Good service.
  14. Christian Martin
    Verified Customer
    i don't think they are over priced because this Blitz are available on Limited Quantity World Wide at Price range between $8k-$15k But Rooney has a Fair and Affordable price for a Used Set with Scratch . the buyer gonna enjoy this for sure.
  15. Mav Stewart
    Verified Customer
    Blitz wheels have been one of the best wheels ever made For Road Performance especial the Type 03 AND Z1
  16. Kanan
    Verified Customer
    I wish they where 17x8.5 +25 to fit my Lexus
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Blitz Type 03 5×114.3 Wheels Set

This Blitz Type 03 set comes in perfect condition, these particular set comes in size “18 and available Silver  Face and Silver Barrels making it stand out among other Blitz Wheels.

This is a rare opportunity to own what are arguably the most desirable vintage Japanese wheels ever made by Three Piece in the best possible condition Now available on our shop at Limited Quantity.

Meter Measurement

  • Front Size: 18″x9   ET +45
  • Rear Size: 18″x10 ET +45
  • PCD:  5×114.3
5/5 (1 Review)



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